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How to Handle an Unexpected Windfall

From receiving a large work bonus or insurance settlement, to winning the lottery, a surprise windfall might drastically alter your financial situation overnight. Before splurging, think carefully about how best to spend and save your newfound fortune.

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A Short Guide to Fixing Bad Credit

There are many reasons why your credit might be poor, but there are many options that can help you get back on a good financial track. Read these tips to learn how to start moving your credit score in the right direction.

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Starting a Business in Retirement

Whether to continue increasing their retirement income, or to simply fulfill a dream of being a business owner, more and more Baby Boomers are starting businesses in retirement. Here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re also considering this financial move.

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Cryptocurrency: What’s It All About?

Have you caught cryptocurrency fever, or are you at least wondering what it’s all about? Odds are, you hadn’t even heard the term until recently. Now, it seems as if everybody and their cousin are getting in on it. Psychologists have assigned a term to the angst you might be feeling in the heat of the moment. It’s called “FoMO” or Fear of Missing Out. Education is the best first step toward facing FoMo and making informed financial choices that are right for you. So before you make any leaps, let’s take a closer look.