Merit Wealth, LLC

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Merit Wealth is a boutique Virtual Family Office serving healthcare entrepreneurs, dentists, physicians, and attorneys who own their professional practice. We are fiduciary & fee-only for our clients, legally committed to acting in their best interest in every situation.


Your Profession

We specialize in working with business owners in the healthcare space; entrepreneurs, dentists and physicians as well as accomplished attorneys. Our team understands the unique opportunities and challenges in front of you and how to create a comprehensive long-term plan around them. 

Your Money

With all the demands on your time, developing and implementing smart strategies for your finances isn’t easy. We’ll partner with you to help guide and manage your financial goals, so you can focus on living your life, confident that you have a sound, evidence-based plan in place.

Your Life

Your success is not an accident. You’ve worked very hard to get here. As you prepare for financial independence or the next phase of your life, we’ll help you be intentional about your vision, values, priorities, and goals.




Accomplished Families



We will help bring order and focus to your financial life by helping you get your financial situation in order at both the “macro” level of investments, insurance, estate, taxes, etc., and also the “micro” level of household cash flow.


We work with you to anticipate your life transitions and make sure you are financially prepared for them. We focus proactively on potential life transitions and create an action plan to address and manage them ahead of time.


We work together to prioritize your goals, detail the steps you need to take, and regularly review your progress.


To help you make well-informed, sound financial decisions, we explain the options and potential pros and cons associated with each choice.


We know that important money matters can sometimes be compromised by emotionally-driven decisions. That’s why our recommendations and strategies are grounded in data and evidence, to help replace emotion as much as possible with objectivity.


We work tirelessly to help you achieve your most-important long-term goals, and work in close concert with you, not just for you, to make this possible. We take the time to clearly understand your background, philosophy, needs and objectives, so we can work collaboratively with you.

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